Sitting in the middle of Rocky Mountain National Park on a snowy afternoon, waiting for a bull moose to poke his head out, Inspire Photo Tours was born. Quietly chatting while we waited, Kristy and Lisa discovered that they both had the same goals of travel, photography, and desire to educate others in expanding their photography skills while giving them the opportunity to gain some new experiences.

Lisa and Kristy met at the Twin Cities Professional Photography Association and served together on the board of directors in 2016.  The pair decided to go to Iceland with two other women for a week of adventure. The weather was crazy, but they had a blast and have been traveling together ever since.

Kristy and Lisa have seen and experienced so much in their travels that it seemed only logical to bring that joy to others in the form of photo tours. On an Inspire Photo Tour you will experience the beauty of nature and learn new photography skills.

Not only does Inspire Photo Tours offer great trips, we also offer private and small group lessons. Follow our adventures online.  Or better yet, join us on a tour that meets your needs.

Learn.  Shoot.  Laugh.  Be INSPIRED!